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Affiliate Organizations

Through our association with other organizations, we connect our clients with professional consultants who can assist with organizational improvements other than just information security. We are proud of our business relationships with the following teams.


An internationalconsulting, services, and training company, The Mentor Group International Ltd is dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and skills to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in Project Management, Project Leadership, and Business Value.   Through our association with TMG, SypSec Solutions can connect your organization with world-renowned Project Management Mentoring and Coaching professionals to assist with the development of Project Managment Offices and to develop your Project Management maturity. The services TMG provides include proper personnel placement in accordance with organization roles. For example, your organization may employ personnel who have expertise in information security, and they are not utilizing this skill in their current role.

Bosses, free yourselves! An international Project Management coaching and training company that focuses on providing assistance to management personnel to help them concentrate on management-level activities, by performing a business analysis to identify areas of improvement such as communications, policy development and acceptance, planning, staff motivation, marketing, and public relations. The result is a team of personnel that can better manage their projects, without senior management needing to intervene or micromanage. The FreeBoss program can provide interim management that can coach your personnel until they are are ready to take charge of their newly learned advanced management principles and take your company to a new level.