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Through our association with other organizations, we connect our clients with professional consultants who can assist with organizational improvements other than just information security and business coaching. We are proud of our business relationships with the following teams.

Coach Sypsomos

Project Coach, Reality Creator, International Speaker Coach Sypsomos is a Project Coach and Advisor who works with Corporate Executives and Start-Up CEOs, and helps them turn their vision and ideas into projects, and then helps turn those projects into reality quickly and with minimum effort. He coaches his clients to organize and simplify their chaotic lives and bring back the order, harmony, and joy that they lost somewhere across their career path. As an International Speaker, he shares his personal experiences with humor and passion, inspiring project organizations and project leaders. As a University Lecturer, he shares his extensive practical expertise in Project Management and Leadership with students of prominent Universities.

The Mentor Group

An international consulting, services, and training company, The Mentor Group International Ltd is dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and skills to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in Project Management, Project Leadership, and Business Value. Through our association with TMG, SypSec Solutions can connect your organization with world-renowned Project Management Mentoring and Coaching professionals to assist with the development of Project Management Offices and to develop your Project Management maturity. The services TMG provides include proper personnel placement in accordance with organization roles. For example, your organization may employ personnel who have expertise in information security, and they are not utilizing this skill in their current role.


NetSecurity® Corporation is a digital forensics, cyber security, and training company that provides innovative, timely, high-quality, customer-focused solutions to defense components, government agencies, intelligence communities, and Fortune 1000 corporations. Through their state-of-the-art Forensic Labs, NetSecurity's experts acquire, preserve, analyze, and produce digital evidence promptly that withstands legal scrutiny. Their cyber security solutions help organizations detect, respond to, and prevent sophisticated cyber attacks in real-time. Their ThreatResponder® Platform is a cyber threat detection, response, and prevention platform. Their renowned Hands-On How-To® training program provides forensics and security professionals with the knowledge of solving real-world forensics and security challenges through simulations and "how-to" exercises.

Quantum Vetting

Quantum Vetting® is a full-service cyber technology services company with domain expertise in cybervetting, cybersecurity, data science, and software-intensive digital solutions. Their experts can help you employ cyber, digital, and analytical solutions, create ways to combat fraud, or deal with matters involving public policy. Their cyber technology solutions for volume-based and person-centric screening, vetting and targeting are the best in the market for protecting people, organizations and information networks. Offering agile services to build superior cyber, digital, and data science solutions, whether it’s a software developer for a digital delivery or team of experts for data science, cybervetting or cybersecurity, Quantum Vetting has the right expertise to deliver the right solution.